American Air Filter StrataDensity® Panel Filters 24 " X 30 " X 1 "

American Air Filter

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Sturdy and economical
Higher arrestance and dust-holding capacity than typical fiberglass panel filters
Premium-grade manufactured fiberglass media
Compression-resistant glass fibers

Industry’s Leading Commercial Disposable Panel Filters
High Arrestance and High Dust-Holding
StrataDensity filters are constructed with proprietary, premium grade fiberglass media manufactured by AAF Flanders. The increased density of fibers in StrataDensity filter media provides higher arrestance and more effective air cleaning than the media in competitive filters. This additional density of fibers also increases the amount of dust that StrataDensity filters can hold, which translates to longer filter life and lower operating costs.

Frame Strength
A continuous adhesive bond between the media pad and chipboard frame maximizes construction strength, to reduce handling damage and permit longer service life. The chipboard filter frame, free of sharp edges, makes the panel easy to install and remove.

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