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Post Anchors are used to secure wood posts to concrete footings. These post anchors also provide moisture damage protection and feature a 1" stand-off plate to elevate wood posts above concrete surfaces as required by building code.
PAE – 2-sided post anchors with high uplift and bearing capacity
PA – High capacity utilizing 4-sided design
PAU – Higher uplift resistance and optional bolt fastening to post
Materials: See Load Table
Finish: G90 galvanizing, PA66ER-TZ - G-185 galvanizing
  • Use all specified fasteners. Install with supplied washer.
  • Anchor bolts and nails are not furnished.
  • Not recommended for fence posts or other unrestrained (not fixed or fastened at top) applications. These anchors are not designed to resist overturning (moment) loads.
  • Anchor bolt installation – place specified diameter anchor bolt at desired location with minimum 4″ embedment into minimum 2,500 psi concrete. A minimum 2″ edge distance from the outermost edge of the post base to the edge of the concrete is required to achieve allowable loads.
  • For cured concrete or retrofit installations – use specified diameter threaded rod with MiTek’s CIA-EA or CIA-Gel 700O-C adhesive epoxy, following installation instructions. Contact MiTek Engineering for further information on selecting the proper epoxy.

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